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H A Ducgendat.php(last modified 22/04/2019 08:00)557 // Sort by descending number of collisions
563 $collisions = count($bucket); variable
564 if ($collisions <= 1) {
572 while ($i < $collisions) {
H A Dphpdbg_watch.c(last modified 03/06/2020 08:00)39 * Each watch has its independent structure of watch elements, watchpoints are responsible for managing collisions and preventing pointers being watched multiple times
44 * PHPDBG_G(watch_collisions) is indexed by a zend_refcounted * pointer (phpdbg_watchpoint_t.ref). It stores information about collisions (everything which contains a zend_refcounted * may be referenced by multiple watches)
69 * Watch collisions:
84 * * Remove itself from watch collisions this watchpoint participates in
99 * * If changed, it is checked whether the refcounted/indirect changed and watch collisions removed or created accordingly
339 /* watch collisions are responsible for having only one watcher on a given refcounted/refval and having a mapping back to the parent zvals */
H A Dzend_accelerator_hash.h(last modified 13/02/2019 23:05)35 Hash collisions are resolved by separate chaining with linked lists,
H A Dfastcgi.h(last modified 13/02/2019 23:05)28 * which combines efficiency and minimal hash collisions
H A Dnetwork.c(last modified 16/09/2020 08:00)187 * collisions or race conditions. */ in php_network_getaddresses()
H A Dcrypt_blowfish.c(last modified 13/02/2019 23:05)565 * deviate from the correct algorithm just enough to avoid such collisions. in BF_set_key()
630 * is meant to protect from such many-buggy to one-correct collisions, by in BF_set_key()
H A Dcompact_literals.c(last modified 30/07/2020 08:00)315 /* Use separate hashtable for doubles stored as string keys, to avoid collisions. */ in zend_optimizer_compact_literals()
H A Dphp_pdo_driver.h(last modified 01/09/2020 08:00)294 reduce the chance of collisions with future functionality in the
H A Dzend_inheritance.c(last modified 07/10/2020 08:00)1603 zend_error_noreturn(E_COMPILE_ERROR, "Trait method %s has not been applied, because there are collisions with other trait methods on %s", in zend_add_trait_method()

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